Prof. Dr. Martin Imhof

Gynecologist, Department Head (Aesthetics and Gynecology) General Public Teaching Hospital Korneuburg, Austria
IMI Fertility Center, Vienna, Austria

"…The reasons for an unfulfilled desire for a child are to be found almost equally in women and men. Therefore, it is essential to send the men to have their sperm tested in the initial phase of the doctor's management … The efficacy of the specific composition of PROfertil® has been proven in clinical trials with several hundred patients…"


PROfertil® is ideal for healthy individuals who are looking to maximize and maintain their fertility. However, our product is not a drug that cures infertility. Couples, especially older couples, who are planning to conceive a child shall have a closer look at their fertility and nutritional status. Although a number of self-testing kits are available it is advisable to get fertility checked by a professional to receive a detailed evaluation of physiological functions and other factors that are vital for optimizing fertility.