Why take PROfertil®

Because Nutrition Contributes to Normal Fertility

Every man should build a house, plant a tree, and have a child,” says a popular proverb. The first two points on the “to-do list” are relatively easy to achieve. The third one, fathering a child, will remain a yearning for an increasing number of men …

Worldwide, fewer and fewer children are born each year for a plethora of reasons. More and more people, for instance, are deciding to have children later in life compared to previous generations.  Atop this, with age, of course, comes the natural decline of biological rhythms. Proper, consistent, and sufficient nutrition will keep those rhythms going, and the path to parenthood becomes easier to navigate, even for older men.

Research shows that nutrition is a key factor to maintain regular and normal fertility. Studies have demonstrated that there exists a cause and effect relationship between certain nutrients - for example Vitamin E, Zinc, Selenium or various Amino-Acids - and a normal function of reproduction and fertility.1)

Even in younger, otherwise perfectly healthy men, sometimes it really all boils down to insufficient or inconsistent nutrition, when and where it counts.

For the nutritional support of men actively trying to father a child, PROfertil® is the perfect supplement.

Normal fertility depends on optimal nutrition to ensure healthy, mature, functional sperm at the time of female ovulation. Couples should keep in mind that male and female reproductive systems have to work together to result in a pregnancy. Minor nutritional imbalances on one side can be compensated usually by the system of the other partner. However, normal fertility is only present when both partners are healthy and nutritionally optimizing their regular physiological functions with exercise and proper supplementation. Therefore, analyzing the nutritional status of both is crucial at this stage. Optimizing every factor, including nutrition, is especially import for older couples as fertility declines with age, for both men and women.

PROfertil® is comprised of the specific and individual nutrients which are scientifically proven to be necessary for healthy sperm-cell production; but furthermore, PROfertil®’s unique and specific formulation of these substances has been shown to be highly synergistically and compatible with the body. It is this unmatched synergistic compatibility that protects PROfertil® also by patents as a top nutritional supplement for men actively trying to father a child.

1) EFSA Journal 2009; 7(9)