About the product

For the nutritional support of men actively trying to father a child, PROfertil® is the perfect supplement.

PROfertil® is comprised of the specific and individual nutrients which are scientifically proven to be necessary for healthy and normal sperm-cell production; but furthermore, PROfertil®’s unique and specific formulation of these nutritional substances has been shown to be highly synergistically-compatible with the body.  It is this unmatched synergistic compatibility that patent-protects PROfertil® as a top nutritional supplement for men actively trying to father a child.

PROfertil® is ideal for:

  • Men who want to optimize their normal fertility before fathering their first child
  • Men who already have a child and want additional nutritional support for long-term fertility - even into their older years

PROfertil® is scientifically formulated to:

  • provide nutrients in a specific synergetic combination to support the male body actively seeking to reproduce
  • support normal male fertility, nutritionally

How to take PROfertil®:

  • PROfertil® is supplied as either a one-month pack (60 capsules) or three-month pack (180 capsules). Two capsules should be taken per day with or after a meal and with something to drink.
  • The capsules should be taken for a period of at least three months in order to assure complete nutritional support for optimizing each individual phase of spermatogenesis.

However, PROfertil® can and should be continued throughout the full duration of desired optimal fertility.