Prim. Univ.-Doz. Dr. Claus Riedl

Urologist, Departement Head (Urology), General Public Teaching Hospital Baden-Moedling, Austria

Unfulfilled desire for a child has become an increase problem in the awareness of our society. This is on the one hand due to the decreasing quality of sperm, which is a possible result from harmful environmental factors and life-style situation, as shown in a regional study. On the other hand couples involuntarily suffering from unfulfilled child-desire tend not to accept it as fateful. Therefore a large number of medical activities have been taken place in order to make the pregnancy possible for couples with unfulfilled child-desire.

A milestone therefore was the optimization of In-vitro fertilization. But many couples still hope for a natural fertilization without technical assisted technology.

Current and former studies advise, that supplementation of certain micronutrients can improve the quality of sperms. In a current study, for the first time not only single substances, but a combination of eight important micronutrients has been tested to show its efficacy in different stages of the spermatogenesis. The results of the study clearly show that the quantity and the quality of the sperm as well as their motility and also the pregnancy rate have increased distinctively.

The intake of this combination of micronutrients may therefore be an appropriate measure for men with low sperm quality to significantly improve the chances of the fulfillment for the desire of a child.