Key Sperm Health Parameters

Sperm motility

The level of sperm motility is an important factor for the efficient movement in the female reproductive tract.

Motility is divided into three categories:

  • Progressive motility (PR) – forward movement
  • Non-progressive motility (NP) – local motility (circular movement)
  • Immotile – no movement at all

Sperm concentration

Sperm concentration or sperm count provide prognostic and diagnostic information: It shows the amount of sperm released during sexual intercourse. This allows the determination of sperm production; sperm reserves in the epididymis as well as the patency of the sperm duct system.

Sectional view:

Spermatozoon-Diagram by Mariana Ruiz, License: Ppublic domain
Spermatozoon-Diagram by Mariana Ruiz, License: Public domain

Morphology (shape)

The appearance of the sperm is crucial for the assessment of fertility. Various criteria are used to assess human sperm morphology with different classification systems for head, mid-piece and tail defects identified under the microscope.


Sperm vitality is the percentage of sperm in the ejaculate that are alive.

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