Why PROfertil® female?

Approximately 15% of all couples of child-bearing age are unable to conceive despite having regular sexual intercourse. The cause of an unfulfilled wish to have a child occurs in around the same frequency in women (“female” factor) and men (“male” factor) or in a combination of both. Education, job and choice of partner are just some of the factors that ultimately lead to parenthood occurring later and later. The dream of having a child is often not feasible until such time as the bodily conditions are no longer optimal.

Subfertility ≠ Infertility

In most instances where there is an unfulfilled wish to have a child, it is not a case of complete infertility but rather multiple factors that come together and can thus lead to subfertility. It must be remembered that conception can only possibly occur on a few days in the month (usually only 2 days).

Many bodily processes that are perfectly coordinated with each other are responsible for pregnancy occurring, and the timing of these processes must be correct. They include a regular cycle, the maturation of the female egg cell or the man’s sperm cells, ovulation, the journey of the egg cell through a fallopian tube and implantation of a fertilized egg in the endometrium.

With these specific processes, which must take place in such a way that they are precisely coordinated with each other, there are many stumbling blocks on the way to a successful pregnancy.

With PROfertil® female, these stumbling blocks can be gradually diminished or eliminated and the possibility of a successful pregnancy improved.

PROfertil® female provides nutritional support:

  • to bring your cycle back into a regular rhythm.
  • for the maturation of the egg cell.
  • for favorable conditions for nidation.
  • for optimal conditions for the health of the child even before pregnancy begins and consequently
  • for an unproblematic pregnancy.