5 Clinical trials based on the patented PROfertil formula

L-Carnitine Study 2015:

“A combination of eight micronutrients is superior to a mono preparation comparing improvement of variant groups of impaired sperm motility”

Bodner F., Lipovac M., Imhof M.

Number of patients: 271 (127 PROfertil® group, 144 mono substance group)


Human Reproduction, Abstract P-071. Reprinted form Vol. 30, No 1, January 2015

Poster Presentation:

ESHRE 2015, Lisbon

DNA-Study 2014:

“Increased Hyaluronan acid binding ability of spermatozoa indicating a better maturity, morphology, and higher DNA integrity after micronutrient supplementation”

Lipovac M., Bodner F., Schütz A., Kurz H., Riedl C., Mair J., Imhof M.

Number of patients: 107


European Medical Journal 2014;1:60-65

Poster Presentation:

38th Annual Meeting of ASA American Society of Andrology 2013

Controlled Study 2011/Open Comparative Study 2010:

“Improvement of sperm quality after micronutrient supplementation”

Number of patients: 205 (132 treatment group, 73 control group)


e-SPEN, the European e-Journal of Clinical Nutrition and Metabolism, December/2011 Europ. Urolog. Review Vol. 6 Issue 6

Subclinical Varicocele Study 2009:

“Micronutrients as an alternative to fertility treatment in men with subclinical varicocele”

Number of patients: 51

Poster Presentation:

  • Fortbildungstagung der Österr. Gesellschaft für Urologie und Andrologie, Linz, Austria 2010
  • EAU Bratislava 2010

Pilot Study 2006-2008:

“The use of the nutraceutical PROfertil® – management of the male factor”

Number of patients: 120

Poster Presentation:

EAU Bratislava 2010