The Subfertility Management Plan

Stage 1

Medical history, gynaecological examination, ultrasound, menstrual cycle chart, measuring BBT (basal body temperature) immediately after awakening, having sexual intercourse at the most effective time, possibly hormone testing.

Stage 2

Semen analysis (sperm count, volume, motility and morphology) at the urologist, ultrasound monitoring of the cycle (endometrium), hormone testing, having sexual intercourse at the most effective time.

With abnormal semen analyses, it is recommended that the man starts taking PROfertil® at this point. In many cases, this support can be beneficial in the overall outcome.

Stage 3

With an abnormal semen analysis at Stage 3 or if the woman has blocked fallopian tubes, it is very likely that in vitro fertilization (IVF) is recommended to the couple. The dietary add-on with PROfertil® in addition to IVF treatment gives further nutritional support and may improve all parameters in normal development of healthy sperm cells necessary for successful conception and pregnancy. This will also help to limit the necessary stages, i.e. intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI) may be avoided.

However, ICSI is recommended with very poor sperm quality (less than five to ten million per millilitre), or poor sperm morphology (appearance, shape of sperm).