Dr. Erik Randall Huber

Urology Specialist, Vienna, Austria

Physical (heat, trauma), chemical (smoking, drugs), anatomical (varicocele) and infectious causes the DNA strand in sperm to break. These sperms are not able to fertilize an egg and/or there is a much higher risk of miscarriages.

New scientific research shows that sperm DNA fragmentation affects one in two involuntarily childless couples. An analysis to measure the level of DNA fragmentation in the sperm is thus an important test that should be carried out together with a semen analysis. It is even more important, however, to offer appropriate action in these cases, to help a couple make their dream to have a child come true.

The results of the current study 
“DNA Fragmentation Index decreases after Micronutrient management” have demonstrated that PROfertil® might provide on basis of a nutritional support a positive impact on sperm DNA fragmentation after a 3-months intake.

With PROfertil® urologists can offer their patients with idiopathic subfertility a dietary supplement.