Dr. Konstantinos Pantos

Director and owner of GENESIS Athens IVF Center, Greece

“An important reason for the problem of male infertility is the fragmentation of sperm’s DNA. This is significantly reduced after dietary supplementation with PROfertil®. My team and I have prescribed PROfertil® female and/either PROfertil®. We prescribed Profertil® to male patients suffering from oligoasthenospermia for a 6-month dietary management and we noted significantly better sperm quality and numbers. We observed a marked increase in motility and sperm concentration. In patients with severe oligoasthenospermia results were more moderate, due to possible damage in the testicular function which in turn was unable to promote increased spermatogenesis, but still important.

The greatest benefit from a 6-month use was noted in patients with teratospermia. These patients presented a significant increase in morphological parameters and a decreased DNA fragmentation index. Furthermore, when the use was followed for a period longer than 6 months, in couples waiting to undergo IVF, the improvement in sperm was even more pronounced.”