Univ.-Prof. Dr. Wilfried Feichtinger

IVF, Institut für Kinderwunsch, Vienna, Austria

Wunschbaby, Institut Feichtinger

"…The trends of older couples wanting to have children and rapidly changing environmental conditions exacerbates the problem [of couples having difficulty conceiving a child] … The study-proven micronutrient combination of PROfertil® has been shown to optimize the male body’s ability to produce sperm of high potency…"


PROfertil® is ideal for healthy individuals who are looking to maximize and maintain their fertility. However, our product is not a drug that cures infertility. Couples, especially older couples, who are planning to conceive a child shall have a closer look at their fertility and nutritional status. Although a number of self-testing kits are available it is advisable to get fertility checked by a professional to receive a detailed evaluation of physiological functions and other factors that are vital for optimizing fertility.